Wishart Gallery Antiques Roadshow - Port Fairy Winter Weekends

Wishart Gallery

The Wishart valuers are back this year, so search through those cupboards of curios, heirlooms and op-shop buys to find out what it is really worth. Bring your jewellery, furniture, metal ware, ceramics, artwork and household items for the experts to price and provide accurate histories. Or grab a drink and pizza at the Wishart Bar and watch on as others discover what is trash and what is treasure. $5 per valuation or $10 for three items.

When: 09/06/2018 - 09/06/2018

Location: 19 Sackville Street, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia

Phone: (03) 5568 2423

Website: www.portfairywinterweekends.com.au


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